Can you color match the logo from what I upload to the jersey?

We will get the color to be as close as we can, however it may not be an exact match.

Due to multiple factors, the colors may vary. The following reasons are just a few of the factors that will make the color you see on your computer different.

  1. Different monitors may show variations in the same colors. This is due to the DPI (Dots per inch) of the monitor, the number of colors the monitor processes and many other factors.
  2. The formatting on the file can also affect the precision of the color. For example, print ready graphics are typically in CMYK color model and Neon colors don't come out as well in CMYK as they do compared to a file in RGB formatting.
  3. The material itself can also be a factor, when using several materials, each material is made up differently causing some variation in color.